The Bachelor of Fine Arts at Kansas State University is a four-year course of study across the areas of ceramics, digital media, drawing, graphic design, metalsmithing and jewelry, photography, painting, and printmaking. Inquiry begins from the standpoint of a main concentration area, paired with supporting studio classes involving the research of current and past art historical contexts. Small class sizes allow for in-depth mentorship from faculty, ongoing dialogue with a community of peers, and the opportunity to work with university faculty in disciplines beyond art and design. Focused studio practice that extends beyond one area into other art disciplines is encouraged. The Department of Art hires 15 full-time Graduate Faculty members in art, design, and art history who are actively engaged makers, writers, theorists, and researchers.

Representing a broad range of media, processes, critical approaches and technical expertise, our faculty are available to work with students through special topics classes, seminars, and structured classes.


The B.F.A. program culminates in the development of a Capstone body of work or project, accompanied by a supportive written document.  Our students develop the ability to skillfully handle materials, subject, form, and concept enabling them to communicate their individual vision across media.  Through their courses, students develop an awareness of contemporary art, design practice, as well as a mastery of the visual, conceptual, technical and written tools necessary for critical analysis.


All students in the Department Art take the two-year Foundation program which involves courses in Design, Drawing, Core electives and the required one credit class called Careers in Art Seminar. Many of these Core Electives are the first course in the Area concentrations. Students then have the opportunity to try out an area before they commit to applying to that Concentration through the portfolio review in their sophomore year. In addition, all students must take courses in Art History.


In the semester when they are completing the eight Studio courses in the Foundation program, B.F.A. students may apply to their concentration through their portfolio review. The eight studio courses are the following:


Required Core Courses:

ART 180: 2-D Design

ART 200: 3-D Design

ART 190: Drawing I

ART 210: Drawing 2


Core Elective (Choose one 2D & one 3D: Listed below):

2-D studio options:


ART 290: Type and Design Principles

ART 320: Watermedia I

ART 335: Printmaking I

ART 345: Oil Painting I

ART 395: Photography in Art


3-D studio options:


ART 331: Interactive Art

ART 340: Sculpture 1

ART 365: Ceramics I

ART 370: Metals and Jewelry


An addition two 2D or 3D courses, including any of the above options as well as ART 330, Digital Techniques, and ART 325, Figure Drawing I, (which is a requirement but does not have to be taken before the review).


academic advising

The advising office for the Department of Art is for all art majors, minors and students interested in changing their major to art or are just looking to take a class as a creative outlet.  Our advisor meets every semester with our students before enrollment to access and plan for their educational future.  With several different concentrations to choose from a lot of discussion and guidance is required to make sure students meet all the necessary criteria to enter one of the concentration areas, but also to make sure all general education courses are completed


Helping students arrange a schedule that keeps them on a graduation path is important.  However, advising in the Department of Art is about more than just picking out classes. Our advisor is here to help students with goal setting, share information about graduation requirements, help with transitions, share referrals to other campus resources, prepare them for life after graduation and support all students through their collegiate experience at K-State.  Please make an appointment with the art advisor, Wendy Queal, through SSC Campus.




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portfolio review

Completing ART 298, Portfolio Review, is required before entering the BFA program. Students cannot take any upper level courses that lead to a B.F.A. degree without completing Portfolio Review through ART 298. .


Students may apply for more than one area when you go through Portfolio Review, and if not accepted the first time, are allowed to apply again the following spring semester.


CAR Dates

To apply to a concentration one must enrolled in ART 298 in the spring semester while in completion of final Foundation courses.

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The Department of Arts facilities include dedicated classrooms and equipment for each area of practice, as well as cross disciplinary facilities that include:


- Photo and documentation studio

- Digital print lab

- Apple iMac labs

scholarship and financial aid

A number of scholarship opportunities are available for current Department of Art Majors, incoming freshmen and transfer students. All Department of Art Undergraduate Majors are eligible to compete for funding. Current Art Majors who are enrolled for less than full-time will be considered for support in awards not limited to full-time status. Award categories include general department student awards, scholarships for students producing outstanding work in a specific concentration and materials awards. For additional information, please click HERE.

Kansas State University Department of Art

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