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Kansas State University Printmaking provides students with access to both traditional and contemporary methods of image making. K-State printmaking is built upon a rich history of print appreciation and technical mastery of print media.  Various methods of Intaglio (etching), Relief (woodcut), Monotype, Lithography, Serigraphy (Silkscreen), photographic, and digital processes are open for exploration by students in their quest for creative, personal expression. Students work in a communal and collaborative work environment, where shop safety is a top priority.  Serious inquiry into art historical and contemporary contexts for printmaking is emphasized.

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The undergraduate print-shops at Kansas State University are interdisciplinary labs for artistic growth and exploration. Students from all areas of the Art Department, and majors throughout the University, work together in a communal environment to apply their unique skillsets into traditional and contemporary forms of graphic arts. Undergraduate Printmaking Alumni have gone on to work as professional printers, museum technology directors, gallery represented artists, tattoo artists, snowboard/skateboard/apparel designers, artist residency directors. Many have gone on to receive full funding to attend graduate school.

KSU historically attracts graduate printmaking students who are mature, independent, and self-motivated, with a passion for discovery through a print process.  Students are selected based on educational preparation, artistic promise and potential.  Our program emphasizes the importance of individual artists/printmakers and their individual talents and strengths.  We intentionally maintain a small graduate program of 1-3 students who work closely with our Printmaking faculty. Graduate students accepted in Printmaking are awarded their own private studio, flat file storage, and 24-hour access to all KSU printmaking facilities. A final, solo thesis exhibition, along with a well-researched paper that supports the exhibited work, is the culmination of the program, providing the opportunity to present a robust and cohesive body of personal work.


Qualified students may be eligible for Graduate Teaching Assistantships (GTA), which provide financial support as well as valuable experience for future employment.


Kansas State University is also home to the Prairie Fire Press, recently known as the PussyCat Press. The original organization was established in 2008, the Praire Fire Press is a guild of printmaking graduates, undergraduates, and faculty who share a passion for all things print.  The Prairie Fire Press hosts visiting artists workshops, holds fundraisers and community events, organizes print exchanges, and takes annual trips to Printmaking Conferences and Museums.

Kansas State University Printmaking has earned national and international reputation for innovative, less toxic, printmaking techniques and processes.

graduate studies


Kansas State University Printshops are fully equipped with:

State of the Art Industrial Ventilation system:

Printmaking Equipment:

- Large Scale Spray Booths

- Stainless Steel Custom Slot Hoods

- Exhaust Ventilation w/ Integrated Flammable & Acid Cabinetry

- Canopy Hood System

- Flexible Extraction Arms

- Ventilated Silkscreen Photographic Process Rooms

- Large Scale Vertical Etching Tanks

-Spill containment pallets

- PVC slot ventilation.

- 22x66” Metal Grinding & Sanding Downdraft Table

- Professional Inking Hotplate 48x48”

- Conrad Professional Hotplate 24 x 36”

- 2’x5’LED Large format exposure system for Screenprinting, Lithography, and Photo Etching.

- 29 x 42” Large Format Etching Baths

- Reciprocating Flex shaft Power Chisels & Rotary Carvers

- Large-format Drying Racks

- Extensive Color Relief & Lithography Ink Inventory

- Professional Takach Brayers (various sizes & durometers)


Fine art Presses:

- 2008 Takach 48 x 96” Large format Intaglio/Relief Press

- American French Tool 36 x 60” intaglio press

- Sturges 28 x 48” Intaglio/Relief Press

- Takach 34 x 60” Lithography Press

- Graphic 30 x 48” Lithography Press

- Screenprinting stations (8)

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